Our company has created a powerful technological laboratory to monitor the quality and safety of each process at every stage of production from the creation of recipes to the shipment of finished bakery.


To ensure consistently high quality products, we use the best Ukrainian flour with high gluten content and the carefully chosen baking ingredients from our partners from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

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In our own leaven department, we produce sourdough for our bakery. Sourdough  bread is used to reduce the amount of yeast in every piece to a minimum.

To reproduce the attributes of artisan bread in our products, we use cold-fermentation technology. For realization of this technology there is installed the special camera with a constant temperature + (4..5) C. As a result of this process, the dough does not acidifie and picks up, forming a large structure. The finished product is characterized by a moist

crumb  with an open, large pore and typical glass shine.

To maintain the structure of the dough, a German automated line was installed for working with soft dough types with a fundamentally new approach. Unlike traditional dough machines with stressed mechanical dough handling, we use a soft non-stress dough distribution system.

As a result of careful formation of dough billets, our products retain large uneven pore structure inherent in traditional artisan bread varieties.

Dough billets undergo a process of proofing dough at temperatures up to + 28 C. During this process, the product continues to accumulate aromatic acids, that give the bread a unique flavor and taste.


Following the best Ukrainian baking traditions, we bake bread in the oven with a stone surface. This gives him the perfect crispy crust and allows to stay fresh for a long time.

After baking the product is subjected to shock freezing at a temperature of -35 ° C, which, in comparison with the usual freezing modes, allows maintaining the shape, structure, taste and nutritional quality of the product in the same manner after finishing.

Frozen bread manufacture by CHANTA MOUNT, Ukraine